Many of us have been sounding the alarm for years on the dangers the United States is currently facing.

We have been largely ignored as being “alarmist”.

The biggest mistake I see and hear people make is “giving the benefit of the doubt” to and giving attributes of humanity to people who do not possess them whatsoever.

I grew up around people like the ones who invaded the United States Capitol with a fervent bloodlust and mission to murder members of Congress.

They never change.

They aren’t “angry”. They are psychotic and consumed by hatred and the illusion that they…

I keep seeing people ask, “How is the happening?”

Which “this”? People objecting to science. People objecting to math. People ignoring facts, logic, and rational thought.

All of these things have led to hundred of thousands of Americans dying of Covid-19.


One part is religion. At some point science was dubbed a “belief system”, which is an absurd, irrational claim. Science works whether you believe in it or not. It that wasn’t true, nobody would be in a seat or lying in bed. They would be floating around if they “chose” not to believe in gravity.

Another part is…

Many of us have been grappling with the reality that millions of our fellow Americans voted for a man who has been shredding our democracy for the past four years. Some are perturbed that Republican Senators are standing by, silently watching the man and his family incite violence from the White House.

I am not surprised.

I am surprised by the numbers of Americans who turned their backs on other Americans to be loyal to a fascist because Facebook told them to.

Hundred of thousands of American are dead. He didn’t create the virus, true. The magnitude of this catastrophe…

The United States of America was founded on the idea that all people are equal and deserve to be free from oppression and fear. The Founders’ vision for the future of America was an intellectual, educated civilization based on the highest ideals of freedom, justice, equality, and law.

We have fallen short of this promise.

Since I was a kid, I have heard people proclaim to be “patriotic” and bark at people they disagree with to “love it or leave it”.

Lots of us who are born and raised in the United States endure the menacing growls of “You ain’t…

Even before the Covid19 pandemic, Republicans and conservatives have devalued and dismissed Americans’ lives with their comments. Their actions demonstrate that none of them care about anything outside of power and profits.

Many people seem to disregard the lessons of history, so I am writing a reminder to them.

While prosecuting Nazi war crimes at the Nuremburg Trials, Ben Ferencz stated to the International Court that the Holocaust was “the tragic fulfillment of a program of intolerance and arrogance.”

There are ten stages of genocide. Dehumanization is just one.

The cruel separation of children from their families at our…

I am seeing reports of young healthcare professionals taking their own lives, so I am writing to you.

What’s happening is a catastrophe beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s being exacerbated by foolish people who decided not to “believe” in science, which is making things harder for everyone.

Especially you, our healthcare workers.

This monster came out of nowhere.

The national stockpile has been mishandled. Response has been patchy at a federal level. Fortunately, states have mostly been good at taking up the slack.

No healthcare worker in any state is responsible for this incredible catastrophe. We know you are all working…

I’m going to lay out a proposal for a streamlined tax system. After the proposal, I will lay out the facts I used to determine the proposal.

It’s true that I’m not a math wizard, which is precisely why I’m throwing this out here. If I can come up with something reasonable and rational — why haven’t the experts raised the bar?

Americans citizens making less than $80,000/year income tax at 10%.

American citizens making $81,000-$125,000/year income tax at 20%.

American citizens making $126,000- $250,000/ year income tax 25%.

American citizens making $251,000-$400,000/year income tax 35%

American citizens making $401,000-$550,000/year…


The WPA was ended in 1941 after completing massive amounts of infrastructure. I know that if you re-instate this department in a way that prevents subcontracting, you will create millions of jobs while rebuilding and repairing our crumbling infrastructure.

Veterans can be hired in droves for job like these. Part of the reason why WPA was created in the first place was to give jobs to veterans of WWII when they came home.

In addition to repairing roads and bridges, I am asking you to consider building America’s first high speed electric trains. …

Kate Black

Writer, artist, thinker, Mama, introvert, geek.

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