An Open Letter to Joe Biden and Democrats

Kate Black
3 min readJan 11, 2021

Many of us have been sounding the alarm for years on the dangers the United States is currently facing.

We have been largely ignored as being “alarmist”.

The biggest mistake I see and hear people make is “giving the benefit of the doubt” to and giving attributes of humanity to people who do not possess them whatsoever.

I grew up around people like the ones who invaded the United States Capitol with a fervent bloodlust and mission to murder members of Congress.

They never change.

They aren’t “angry”. They are psychotic and consumed by hatred and the illusion that they possess everything and are entitled to dominion over all.

Being told “No”, to them, is oppression.

These people may have developed more serious mental illness by being lied to repeatedly by Fox News and Facebook groups, but make no mistake — they were always dangerously ill.

Some people are just born psychopaths. There is no event that “turned” them, no “secret hurt” that made them evil. They’re just criminally insane.

They are immune to reason and facts. That will never change.

I know this because my father was one of them. He was a violent psychopath who I very narrowly survived. He was assisted in attacking me violently by other people who were like him. They cared more about him “not looking bad” than putting a murderous criminal who enjoyed beating and choking people in prison. I don’t know why Republican Christians are prone to violence and mass murder, but there is a clear tendency that needs to stop being ignored and brushed off.

People like my father, members of the Republican Party, and the Trump family do not have any ability to connect to their humanity because it is simply absent.

They feel entitled to possess and control people.

They gaslight, lie, threaten, manipulate, and ultimately commit crimes to get what they want.

Unless or until they are held accountable, it goes on forever.

My father was never held accountable and continued to be an evil criminal with an unstoppable obsession to control and own me and others. He used any and all means necessary to his own end.

This is what is happening right now with the Republican Party, including many in law enforcement.

They will never stop pursuing their psychotic goals of dominion over everyone and everything until they are held accountable for the crimes they have committed.

Republicans have been accessories to the crimes of the terrorists every step of this violent attempted coup. They do not have access to their humanity and have fully demonstrated that over the past year. They are online right now whining about their follower numbers without the slightest concern for the number of dead due to either the Coronavirus or the terrorist attack.

Anything besides accountability for their actions will result in continued violence, because they feel zero guilt, shame, or remorse. To them, the end justifies the means.

Any attempt to be conciliatory with any of them will result in a catastrophic collapse of our democracy.

Please, hold them accountable for each of their crimes, and stop falling for their lies.

I implore you all to please hold the line against these psychopaths whose bloodlust will drive them to hunt down people they disagree with until the day they die.

The terrorist attack on the Capitol was the beginning, not the end, unless every single American takes every precaution and holds each individual domestic terrorist accountable for their actions and crimes.