Dear Healthcare Workers

Kate Black
2 min readApr 28, 2020

I am seeing reports of young healthcare professionals taking their own lives, so I am writing to you.

What’s happening is a catastrophe beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s being exacerbated by foolish people who decided not to “believe” in science, which is making things harder for everyone.

Especially you, our healthcare workers.

This monster came out of nowhere.

The national stockpile has been mishandled. Response has been patchy at a federal level. Fortunately, states have mostly been good at taking up the slack.

No healthcare worker in any state is responsible for this incredible catastrophe. We know you are all working diligently, day in and day out to save peoples’ lives. We know you are all using every tool and technology at your disposal. We know you worked hard in school because you care SO MUCH about people.

Please, don’t internalize the horror. Please know NONE of this is your fault. It isn’t.

Whatever your beliefs may be, we are all just human. Even the best of the best can’t make the impossible happen.

If hopes and prayers worked, we know there wouldn’t be a need for children’s hospitals.

It’s not for us to say. We’re people.

All we can do in response is our best, and then let it go. You are all doing your best. Please, let the outcome go so you keep yourselves safe. We need you here with us.

The outcomes in this scenario are not a matter of not trying/not doing enough on your part. It is many failures on the part of the executive branch of the federal government. They failed to be transparent with information at the beginning of the outbreak, and utterly failed to give you equipment that you need.

There was NO way to anticipate they would rip the rug out from you. It’s unthinkable.

There is no way to anticipate the number of truly terrible, selfish people who are wandering around infecting people because they don’t want to be inconvenienced by quarantining at home.

I have no explanation for them.

I can tell you the rest of us love and appreciate you. We think of you every day as we stay home to try and do our part to help reduce infection rates.

Your family and friends need you. The world needs all of you. Your skills and expertise are incredibly valuable.

This isn’t all for nothing.

It’s okay for you to feel how you feel. Feeling helpless/angry/sad or whatever you’re feeling is what happens when healthy, empathetic people witness horrible things. Your reaction is sane. Your grief and pain are not weaknesses. They are a tribute to your courage, skill, and strength.

You care SO much. We know this about all of you.

The horror may seem endless right now, or on the worst of days. But there will be an eventual ebb. Improvement will come.

We will see another sunrise.

And there will be more storms.

We are at home, but we are on your side.

Please stay here. Please stay safe.

You are enough.